Header photo taken by Mike Dillon (RudeBoy Photography) 

For A New Deal

All songs written and performed by  The Timid Roosevelts (Bobbie Parker, Jaime Parker, and
Ricky Lorenzo), with guest appearances by Ian Bennett
Produced and engineered by Ian Bennett at Moshi Moshi Productions
Cover art by Anthony Catanese, back photo taken by Mike Dillon

Special thanks to Mom & Dad, Ian Bennett, Frank Lettieri, Anthony
Catanese, Mike Dillon, Jeff Sarafinas, Tim Kuhn, Mike Virok, Baris Yakin, Russell
de la Torre, Steve Benci, Dean Luis, Andrew Wilkinson, James
Gilchrist, Darrin Annussek, Shannon Perez, Hannah Zaic, Scott Frost,
Joe Rivera, Dave Locane and the Mill Hill Basement, Scruff Cardinale
and The
Tea & Whiskey, Honah Lee, The Paper Jets, Scott Silvester, Ray Weiss,
Cameron Ferrara, Josh Landow, Kevin’s Mom, Isis Cheech Guevara, Elmo,
anyone who’s come out to see us play and whoever is still listening.

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